We had a Senior Level Vice President of Sales and Marketing newly created position whereby Princeton Executive Search provided a number of exceptional top performer candidates. Keith Chatting and his team helped us to hire first choice which was not an easy task given the number of great candidates they presented!

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How I made my Fortune

Author: Anonymous Capitalist

I first purchased an apple for $ .05 took it home and polished it. I then sold it the next day for $ .10. I then purchased two apples for $ .10 polished both that day and sold them for a total of $ .20.  I repeated this process until I had amassed several dollars. It was then that my wife’s father passed away and left us $ 10 Million.

Education and Hard Work are keys to success. Let us not forget luck and being in the right place at the right time.

This appears to be a good time for CPG Folks. The Consumer Packaged Goods Industry has experienced an increase in hiring activity during the first half of 2011 particularly when compared to the prior 24 months. There always seems to be opportunities for TOP Sales Performers with documented track records. What we have seen of late is an upsurge in new product innovations both from the marketing and product development (R&D) teams.

Many CPG companies placed their new product activities on hold during the recession.  Now they are looking to create new added points of difference for their respective brands and businesses. In some cases they are playing catch-up.

These innovation needs are not mere line extensions but new concepts and products filling true consumer needs rather than clogging the grocery shelves and creating increased and sometimes confusing consumer choices.

Restaurants and Foodservice establishments also need increased value and points of menu difference. We have seen an increase in National Chain Account jobs for individuals with customization and experience in working with Culinary and R&D teams.

Private label offerings and support have also increased. Consumers are more value conscious in these economic times. This is not to say that some manufacturers brands have not done well.  Again it is all about the perceived value. Innovative new products are one way to add this value.

Relocation has been an added challenge. According to the U.S. government statistics, 25 % of American homes are “under water”. We have seen candidates turn down opportunities that they wanted and would have accepted if it were not for their housing situation. Client companies do not want to be in the real estate business and are unwilling to purchase the home for a new hire. That said, some companies are adjusting their relocation policies to provide longer temporary living assistance and allow more time for the individual to physically relocate his/her family.

Our firm communicates with Hiring Authorities, HR Executives and a host of CPG Professionals on a daily basis.  We believe this gives us a practical real world perspective on the industry. We are optimistic about the remaining 2011 and 2012 year. Again the key to success is differentiating and perceived value.

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